About US


Good shepherd Mover is an international and family owned company that operates in over twenty different countries and all over United States states. This make it the go to company when you want to relocate to a new country or a new state.

One of the main attributes that make this company special is the fact that we do not train our personnel for just one time. Instead, we continuously train them in order to ensure that we stay miles ahead of our competitors. For instance, the drivers undertake defensive driving lessons that enables them to transport clients cargo safely even during the worst of the worst weather conditions.

We do also care about your financial capability and would not want to compromise your budget by charging you high fees. We understand that sometimes, getting the best personnel for our staff members is crucial and so we have worked smart to make sure that we price our packages in such a way that they are affordable even for the people who are on a very tight budget.

Finally, we have also put in place key quality control mechanisms that we use to ensure that we offer residential moving services that are quality and well choreographed. You are free to give us a feedback after the service, the feedback will help us to know if we are actually doing the right thing.

Call us today for comprehensive residential and office moving services that are cheap and yet top quality. We got what you need when it comes to relocating.